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Panama City Beach Executive Experience

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Gulf of Mexico beach view from helicopter

Why an Emerald Executive Experience is a MUST in Panama City Beach

Let’s face it, Panama City Beach is HUGE. There are so many different things to see and do, and miles upon miles of pristine white sand beaches to walk along! It would be impossible for you to see and do absolutely everything in this gorgeous vacation destination. That is unless, you decide to embark on the PCB Executive Experience.

Firstly, when you hop aboard the helicopter for your PCB Executive Experience, you will be whisked away on your own personal magic carpet to see absolutely everything that Panama City Beach has to show you.

  1. West Bay? Yep.

  2. Shell Island? Absolutely.

  3. Dolphins? Got ‘em by the dozen, and all of their other marine friends too.

  4. Grand Lagoon? You’ll be able to smell the food cooking at The Grand Marlin as we fly over

  5. Ripley’s and Wonderworks, Shipwreck Island, Pier Park, Inlet Beach and Rosemary Beach are all along for the ride as well!

The PCB Executive Experience covers 60 MILES of Panama City Beach. That is the longest helicopter tour offered in the entire Panhandle region! It is the most exclusive, awe-inspiring, and breathtaking vacation experience. We promise, you will be talking about this view until the next time you’re in our helicopter!

Oh, and you’re not getting in the helicopter with a rookie. All of our pilots have been expertly trained to the highest FAA standards, and are far more experienced than most tour pilots. Not only are they experts in the helicopter, but they’re also expert tour guides! Ask them about anything from the best restaurant in town to the perfect beach to catch the sunset.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! If a helicopter tour is on your bucketlist or you simply can’t get enough of the bird’s eye view, a flight with us is a flight to remember! So, if you’re searching for the most all-encompassing way to take in the incredible sights and scenery that this beautiful area has to offer, look no further than the PCB Executive Experience.

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